X-Wallet by Kaddex
X-Wallet allows seamless interaction with all the Dapps living on the Kadena network.

X-Wallet is integrated with most NFT and DeFi Kadena dApps and the Kaddex DEX so you can swap, stake and provide liquidity with your tokens!

Easily move your k:assets across all Kadena chains.

Freely Send, Store and Receive k:assets at any time and unmatched speed.

Fiat ramps to easily buy and sell KDA directly from your bank account.

X-Wallet will not have access to any of your personal data, address, or private keys.

All generated accounts are k:accounts by default. X-Wallet is compatible with both iOS and Android, Chrome and Brave.
X-Wallet is a project of the Kadena Kaddex team. It is a KadEx-powered Kadena-native web extension wallet with a focus on integrating with dApps built on the Kadena blockchain without leaving your web browser. It is completing its timeline efficiently and looks to be a promising way to store your Kadena assets.