Very Very Simple Finance
VVS Finance is a decentralized finance and automated market making platform on the Cronos network by

Our core product features:

Bling Swap:

+ Swap supported tokens at low fees and fast speed
+ Supply liquidity by providing a pair of assets, receive Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens as proof of ownership, and earn proportionate 0.2% transaction fees whenever the pair is traded.

Crystal Farms:

+ Stake your LP tokens to receive VVS rewards. We value your platform patronage and want to shower you with shiny bling bling.

Glitter Mines:

+ Stake your newly earned VVS tokens to receive even more VVS. Stake, forget, and collect!
+ Low risk, maintenance-free passive income for your coffers.

Initial Gem Offering (IGO) ~coming soon:

+ Discover new projects in the nascent and fast-growing Cronos universe.
+ Buy brand new tokens at a fixed initial offering price and join the ride!
VVS Finance is an easy to use defi protocol on the Cronos blockchain. It features automated market maker swaps, liquidity farms, staking and other features.